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AEM Electrolysers

Our proprietary technology uses AEM as the ultimate solution for fast and cost-effective hydrogen production. Our AEM technology resolves the common pitfalls of power loss and deterioration – common with AEL/PEM technology.

Beyond research and development, CRT is ready for large-scale manufacturing. CRT has the advantage of a proven prototype, proprietary catalysts and in-house designed fabrication process & system designs.

Ammonia Fuel cells

Ammonia is fast emerging as a hydrogen storage media, energy carrier and green fuel for heavy mining equipment. Our one-step ammonia to electricity technology presents an innovative solution for green hydrogen export and energy generation at point of use.

C- Cell platform benefits

CRT’s new C-Cell design (patent pending) is a platform approach with major industry benefits:

  • compatible with all electrolysers (AEM/AEL/PEM)
  • tailored for use in Redox Flow Batteries and Fuel Cells applications
  • truly scalable:  Cells fabricated using proven industrial processes enabling rapid scalability and volume
  • flexible and cost effective for use with renewable energy: Cells can be operated to allow direct coupling with renewable energy and less expensive electronics
  • Higher temperature operation. Easier and quicker cell replacement
  • in house fabricated membranes: ground-breaking approach

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