Our Research and Technology

Our unique electrodes and novel cell design allow unparalleled stability and performance at low-cost

CRT’s development focus is on Anion Exchange Membrane (AEM) electrolysers, its unique disruptive C-Cell Electrolysis cells for industrial application, and ammonia fuel cells for direct conversion of green ammonia to electricity.

Ready for order

  • AEM Electrolyser Stack (BHEEM) – Industrial size, fully customizable for 100kW to 1MW of green hydrogen production  Our products

Global green investment opportunity

We are ready for electrolyser production at scale:

  • AEM Manufacturing plant – a first class AEM factory (Project RESCEN ) ready to manufacture AEM electrolyser at disruptive low cost
  • Extended warranties the first of its kind for electrolyser stacks

The CRT Advantage: Why choose us?

  • Performance matching with commercial catalyst at reduced precious metal loadings
  • Zero or ultra low loading of precious metals for AEM and also for PEM electrolysers and fuel cells
  • Patent pending “nonstoichiometric” coated Perovskite compositions
  • Manufactured with scalable fabrication methods
  • Patent pending C-Cell design for unmatched efficiency with CRT’s own propriety membranes
  • High performance ammonia to electricity convertor

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